I have seen (and sat in) the enemy


There comes a time in your athletic career when you just have to do the miles. Perhaps you’re not feeling in top form, maybe it’s raining, could be cold or hot, whatever, pick your excuse.

But, you just have to do the miles, so you head out.

“Get off your ass,” as Coach Justin Harris is prone to say.

Same applies at the office. That comfy, 360 degree spinning cushion is your death sentence. Not only is sitting bad for your health, it also keeps you away from your peeps. Anything keeping you from your people must be looked at with a very critical eye.

But wait, there’s hope.

Become the pioneer of walking meetings in your office. Pick a destination or map a large out and back and walk the talk. Get the word out on what you’re doing and start a trend. If you get good at it you might even begin using your GPS and see if you can start a competition on Strava among fellow managers.

Aside from a healthy alternative to sitting, the walking meeting becomes a symbol of health, innovation, and transparency.

Check out this awesome TED Talk on the subject.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.


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