Sometimes the bike finds you…


At the onset of my athletic career I flew solo. Keeping to myself, I learned from magazines, the internet, occasional race advice, and experience. As a result I reinvented many wheels in pursuit of the perfect ride, run, or race. 

I took a fateful step by moving from the back of the peloton to the front as an indoor cycling instructor. I began leading indoor and outdoor rides, introducing people to cycling, triathlon, and running. I was giving advice, motivating, and getting a ton of inspiration in return. 

I joined, getting to know my teammates and the pros at Bikeway. I became a conduit for people’s passions while exploring my own. Instead of pursuer I was the pursued, gaining inside info, tips, and unique opportunities amidst a world of give and take. 

I authentically put myself out there and began reaping the benefits. 

During this time I found myself a few weeks into my first human resources job feeling very isolated. ‘Human’ was in my department’s title and I hadn’t seen one in a while. So I took a walk, coincidentally as first and second shift were changing. I was in the midst of fascinating conversations about what had transpired that day, where people were going after work, and what others had done prior to their shift. 

I was there again the next day and the next. Soon my tour became habit. Before I knew it, people began making appointments with me to talk about concerns, ideas, and ask questions. I learned fast that that sitting on my ass at my desk would ultimately get me nowhere…and nothing in return. 

Some tips for making this work:

  • Make certain you visit everyone. Our tendency is to gravitate to the easier visits. If you give in, you’re showing favoritism plain and simple.
  • If you’re getting out to staff in other departments, don’t neglect your own. Beware of becoming the parent who every kid in the neighborhood has a piece of, except your own.
  • Take a colleague with you from time to time; perhaps you can jumpstart their effectiveness.
  • Be genuine. This isn’t merely an exercise; it’s a meaningful encounter that will reap great benefits.
  • Be consistent. Make these tours part of your week.

As I write this, I gaze on this beautiful piece of art commonly known as a Cervelo P5-6. This newest member of my fleet has the distinction of having found me as part of the karmic balance in my world. 

Sometimes you find the bike; sometimes the bike finds you…


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